Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Trip

We headed up to Austin this weekend with Law's parents.  
Visited Volente Waterpark, Oasis, and the 4 of us got to go watch "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" Friday nite after the kids went to bed.  Lawrence and I are still talking about how funny that movie is.  I was even chuckling when it wasn't a funny scene just anticipating.   Highly recommend it to anyone who wants a good laugh.  
Nate loved playing in the shallow pool at the waterpark.  He was content sitting on the ledge and watch kids come down the slide.  I can't wait to take him to the beach and see how excited he gets when the waves wash up on his toes.  
I've had no choice but to start using my DSLR since my point and shoot is broken (thank goodness its from Costco).   I'm glad its forced me to stop being lazy and just lug it around. My goal is to get use to it by the time I get my P&S replacement.   
Good weekend...


goose said...

great pics!!! now i want a SLR again!