Monday, April 07, 2008

Walking with the Dinosaurs

What can I say, Ally was at the edge of her seat from beginning to end. It was such a neat show with something to entertain everyone. Big dinosaurs for the kids to oohhh and aaahhh over and historical information for the adults.
There was one part when the Allosaurus snatched up a hatchling in its mouth to devour it and Ally was very concerned. How do you explain the circle of life to a 3 year old? Probably not how her daddy did it. He told her "It's just seaweed, Ally" since the hatchling looked like green gunk hanging lifelessly in the Allosaurus' mouth. She has increasingly been asking about why lions eat zebras or t-rex eats whatever dinosaur she's thinking about. If I find these types of questions difficult, I can't imagine how I'm going to stumble over the tougher questions.
I put Ally to nap after the show, which she doesnt much anymore, but she still goes to her room for about 2 hours for "rest time", for Ally and myself :) Then I headed out with a few girls to get a massage!! It was heaven. I had an endoscopy on Friday, so it was nice to unwind and get a little pampering just for moi. If only I could get Lawrence to learn how to massage like the professionals....


Lawrence said...

I'm glad the endoscopy went well and jess took to recovery quick. Straight to chewy's afterwards. The lady next to her looked like she was drugged and was lifeless. Jess was all bouncing around.

I don't think the dinosaur event was totally for small kids. Come on! eating babies!

Messages are cool, jess deserves a good women message every once in awhile.

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