Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Open Wide

Ally went to the dentist for her first visit on Monday. Her hygenist, Amanda, was awesome. Kept Ally comfortable and happy. I was thrown off a bit when I walked in and saw 3 dental chairs side by side with kids in each one. I think it puts the kids at ease a little more to see other kids next to them. Everything looks good. Ally was very proud to tell them she brushes her teeth twice a day and flosses everyday. I'm glad she's compulsive about flossing like her mom and dad. Better that she learns young rather than the hard way like her mom and dad. She was super excited to pick out toys for herself in the treasure chest after her cleaning and exam. She asked the receptionist if she could have a toy for her little brother, and they gladly obliged.


k8tt8m said...

Dylan didn't like the dentist too much. He didn't like the bright light shining at his face especially.

I thought it was weird looking at all the chairs lined up too, but at least they have movies to watch when they get their teeth cleaned.

But I think Dylan was so uncomfortable, he didn't care what was on the DVD.

The X-rays was most freaky.