Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ignite - Promoted to Managing Director!

Business update time again.

So 2 months have passed since I've joined and I finally got promoted. My mom, dad, and myself all got promoted to Managing Director in about 1 week from each other. The good thing about being promoted so fast is being able to not lose ANY money into this.

The projected residuals I am to get IF everyone paid today is $100/month. Reason I said "IF" today is because it takes like 30-60 days to switch a customer and then have them actually use 1 month of electricity. So if all my customers were to stop growing, then my maximum payout every month to myself would be $100/month. But that isn't happening as it grows daily.

Every person under my organization that hires on regardless if I knew them or not gets me $75. This week alone I will have 4-5 sponsored associates. 5 x $75 = $375 for 1 week! Considering my mom, dad, and myself all see this, Ignite is paying $375 x 3 = $1125 to the Tams for 1 week of work done by someone below my mom.

The goal is to hit $1000 for one month by December. It's going to be hard but achievable. If I hit $1000 then combined with my parents it should be ~$2500. I got November and December left and hitting $1000 will be achievable but I'm going to have to work it a bit. Or shall I say have jess help me even more. hahha

I told jess she could take this years income from the business (after donations and sponsoring 2 kids/month) for her to use and for the kids. I guess that would be around $300-$800. She's more than earned her share. I hope to get the business up and running full steam to meet our December 2008 goal to make $4,000 for 1 month. Again, hard but can happen in our next promotion.

We just figure this opportunity to make this money was god given and we need to be responsible enough to use a large portion of it for charitable donations and sponsoring 2 kids. Without the deregulation of electricity we wouldn't have this extra income so we have to pay it back to help those less fortunate. Sure we will continue to tithe but since this was an unexpected income stream we need to not horde it and hopefully use it to spread god's glory.

To celebrate, we went to texas land and cattle and I got the all you can eat smoked sirloin. It's good but how much can you really eat? I hate 7 strips and took 2 home cause i was freaking stuffed. Not bad for $15 but rather have more variety.