Tuesday, September 11, 2007

daily thoughts

I thought I would try and write shorter posts but just more frequent. Here is my first attempt.

Ten Questions:

Question 1: Why are religion and politics banned from the dinner table among friends?
Question 2: Why am I so dark when I stay inside all day?
Question 3: Who invented the men's shoulder chest hug?
Question 4: Why do many people and myself included worry about money when it's not ours to begin with?
Question 5: How many people would die for their kids, wife, god, country today? (if there are so many divorces, godless, and anti-military people? I wouldn't enlist to fight but if it was mandatory I would.
Question 6: Why do Jess and Sandy like the UFC when they can't stand facial flesh wounds?
Question 7: Why would I punch a guy in the face if they touch ally, yet if an older woman touched nate I probably wouldn't resort to violence? (Not a Christian move but I'm trying)
Question 8: If I could be an animal living free in houston I'd be a duck. not the nasty turkey looking ones. What is there not to like about sleeping, eating and crapping in a man made lake. Just need to remember to stay away from the asian houses.
Question 9: Why is it that I lose more weight by not trying then when I try in terms of exercise? I run 3 times a week for a month and lose 2 lbs. I stop and just sit and watch what I eat and I dropped another 3lbs doing nothing. (currently ~204, target 190, sexy weight 180)
Question 10: If I never went to UT where would I go? In state probably UH as I can't get into Rice.


Ricardo said...

Dude, tough questions...

1. Because too many people have many different, emotional, opinions. Discussion of those topics have a high probability of ending in fights that could go too far.
2. IDK.. Lighten up, buddy...Have a beer...
3. I don't know. I give hugs...
4. When it doesn't seem to be enough or when planning for the future, that's when the worry comes in. Specially with kids...
5. Family in a heart beat. And there are friends that I consider family.
6. Hot sweaty men? :-) That's why Tommie watches soccer anyway...
7. We were always taught not to hurt women.
8. Me? Hmmm...One of those birds that always seems to aim for Tommie's car. Just hit the windshield right in front of the driver. Every day.
9. Sexy weight: 170lbs I do need the exercise. If I don't, I just hover at the same weight...
10. Probably Savannah College of Art and Design. Got a photography scholarship there.