Friday, September 14, 2007

attack dog

most of you know my dog obi, the small 12lb mix that loves to bark and sleep in your lap. We have had this dog for like 6 years. Over the years I've leaned to deal with his habits. Well, he likes to bite people by nibbling their foot or arm. He's bitten at least 3 people enough to leave bruising.

As responsible owners we decided to drop $1000 to mans best friend to hopefully correct his aggressive behavior to our guests. He nibbles my arm and legs cause I was messing with him. For him to bite someone cause he's scared is another. We left him at mans best friend a couple days and then started training him before ally was born. We have stopped going to training ever since ally was born due to time constraints.

The past couple months obi has been biting his lease every time I check him hard. Before he would just curl his tail down and be submissive and stop what he's doing. Now he'll bark, show his teeth and start biting the leash. I didn't think much of it but thought it's odd he does that now.

yesterday we were talking the kids in their radioflyer and I was walking obi as usually in front of the kids around the lake. We have many neighbors with dogs and obi perks up and wants to attack but as usually i check him and he'll stop and continue walking. Yesterday was different.

I check obi and he barks, shows his teeth and starts biting his leash. I check him again to make him sit and calm down. he continues barking at me and this time flips around so he's facing me straight on with his ears back, teeth showing and eyes locked into me. I'm thinking there is no way this dude is in the attack stance. i check him 2 more times cause I want him to stop looking crazy and actually sit. The little punk actually lunges at my knee and bites me!

THAT LITTLE BASTARD BITES ME IN THE FREAKING KNEE AND I'M BLEEDING. That pissed me off. I continue to check him so much that jess had to break us up and she took the leash. At that moment I was in shock and was glad I didn't overreact and beat up obi. So now I am taking him to class because it's not real high on jessica's priority list to train obi and she's tired from the kids. So I'm taking him saturday cause work isn't at tiring as taking care of kids all day. Fine, I'll handle it.

The whole night last night I'm thinking obi actually had the balls to bite the hands that feeds him. What would he due with the kids? So far he's like a gentle bear and takes whatever the kids do to him. I'm so glad. But my relationship w/ obi has forever changed.

All I can think about is how he attacked me. His freaking master. If he attacks me again and not by accident I can't help but think I will freaking hammer throw him into the lake. I know that doesn't sound christian like but if I gotta defend myself it's either throw obi as far as I can, kick him like a soccer ball, or dangle him by his neck like a snake. All are bad.

obi never ever reacts that way to jess and he's never really had an attacking nature to me too. I will go back to training to try and get this out of his system. I have to say if he does attack me again I will have to give this dog up to a friend before I kill him.

I just find it sad that I could actually contemplate putting obi down because he doesn't like me but jess won't lift a finger to try and correct his behavior cause it's not high on her priority list. lady, he bites me and you don't seem to really care. thanks alot