Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Ha Moment

I decided to tune in to American Idol today since Ellen mentioned she would be hosting it on her show this afternoon.  I caught it an hour into the show, but the hour that I watched really opened my eyes. I know how blessed we are, but sometimes, I just need it to smack me in the face.  

I experienced what Oprah calls an "A Ha moment" when I watched snipits of children needlessly dying when a pack of pills can save their life, and at that moment, I turned to look at my babies in the monitors sleeping so soundly in their comfortable beds - not a worry in the world.  How blessed are we, that my only concern today was whether the rain would let up enough for Ally to see her friends.  I wondered why some families have to endure such horrific atrocities while we are spared.  Then I realized I need to stop questioning and just act.  We are put in this position so we can help those who need it.  Every penny we have to our name is from our gracious God, so do good with it.  

We want to raise Ally and Nate to be empathetic, compassionate people who act upon it, because it simply is not enough to just feel bad about it.   Go out into the world and do what you can with what you've got.   


spooon said...

her first post ;)

k8tt8m said...

I always watched American Idol but never once voted. Yesterday was the first time I "voted". When I saw the story with the boy that lost his parents and had to work to make money to feed his brother. That just did it. My friend was balling the entire show.

I swear it took 30 minutes for me to log onto their site. Every penny does count. It was an incredible effort for the show to do something like this.