Monday, March 06, 2006

tv bliss

Electronic Review!

Problem: we want to watch tv in our bedroom with door closed so we can watch DVDs/TV without waking baby. It takes alot out of the movie experience when you have to watch with the subtitles cause u can't understand what they are saying. Must fit in our bedroom cabinet and wide is 36" which means any 32" lcd with side speakers won't fit. I'm cheap.

Solution: buy a bottom mounted speaker tv at 32", HD ready and get it at costco cause of their return policy and if anything else comes out that we like that is better.

Sony Bravia 32" LCD HDTV-Ready

Do you really get what you pay for?

I got this at Costco for 1500 plus tax. the reason for costco?

Me: um, what if my ibook doesn't like it or doesn't fit in my cabinet correctly, what is your return policy?
Costco worker: 100% Customer satisfaction
Me: what does that really mean, i have to open it and if i want to return it when is my deadline?
Costco worker: open or not, 100% customer satisfaction

He couldn't answere my technical questions, he wasn't much help, but knowing Costco backs up their products to this extreme really tempts me to try test it. I really wanted the 32" Proview which got glowing reviews for $1000 but it was 1.5" too wide because of the side speakers. Sony has them on bottom

1)fit and finish is very impressive. The body casing is very nice
2)picture quality is different from my RP HDTV. It's clean but different. looks sharper and not sure if that's a good or bad thing cause i love my mitsu
3)remote is very good and the sound is enough for now. speakers were stronger than expected which should help delay my speaker purchase for the bedroom.
4)has pc input and hdmi. changing inputs is slower. only 1 pair of component, hdmi so you better have a hd video switcher if u got more inputs.
5)i will be moving the xbox in for testing to see how it holds up compared to my mitsu.

if you have nothing else to compare the tv to side by side, it's awsome. but then again i have a mitsu and i love that giant screen and soft colors. i guess it's preference. Hd material looks good and dvd is good past 5 ft.

why is it that LCDs have the picture scaled to "max" on all options? I did a tweak with Avia to calibrate it and i could go to max without losing detail. weird.

NO BURN IN!!! or so they say. but that is sooo nice. My laptop video card is crap so i can't fill the entire screen ;(

4/5 stars -
loss of stars due to cost, being a sony