Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Writing on Hubpages now

Well, I used to write for a Blog on Switchplanet and a product review site on Epinions. I have throttled that down since Switchplanet was only really paying like $5 in credits at the site which I have a lot of already and Epinions takes a lot of work to review a product. I have 29 reviews there and I still only make about $5-$10 there per month. I know it's a residual income since I do it once but considering the time I put on those I would like more return on my time investment.

The whole purpose of writing was to help my think better. At work I was getting writer's block and writing on the blog, switchplanet, and epinions has really helped me think while writing. I'm by no means where I need to be but I am getting better.

So now we have this blog and my business blog. I try and keep the subjects different but sometime it is hard since I know the target audience is different.

So I have started to write on Hubpages which also pays. I chose Hubpages because it's not a Blog or a product review site. It's more of a site to just speak your mind on a certain subject.

I've written 6 hubs in a couple days.

Here is one HUB I know some of you working class gents can relate to if your in a cubicle all day.
3 Ways to Look Busy in a Cubicle Job