Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mow Mow has passed on

I believe we have had the cat for 18 yrs. She has grown bigger over the years but has taken up a nice residence at my parents house. Eating her soft canned food every day and shedding as she pleases.

She is old and happy. Well, long story short. My dad let both front and back doors open to air the house out and didn't know until the next day that the cat was missing. Couple weeks go by and we have had posted signs, called the pound, talked to neighbors, sent out a community e-mail, and Liana actually called the police I believe to file a report.

Well, today the cat was found to be hit by a car or something and was badly injured. My parents went to the clinic this morning to see how she was and she had passed. I was kinda hoping mow mow would just take a nap and sleep off a nice life being saved from an apt dumpster by Lyndon.

Being hit by something and feeling pain until you pass as an old person is not the way to go. She was found a distance off. A lot further out than I would have expected. My parents have decided to cremate her.

She was our typical cat that would claw the heck out of you if you were to rough but she has been with our family more than half my life. Shoot, I've known here longer than I've known Jess. Kinda sad that the times we drove around the neighborhood shouting "MEOW MEOW" didn't get her to safety soon enough. At least she was able to live at least 10 years more than if she was stuck in that apartment complex.

I do believe my dad will be in the "cat house" for a long time as I'm assuming my mom is going to be pretty sad. It's sad to see a family member go but again for some reason I don't tear up. Jess calls me the tin man. I cry over retarded movies like Frankenstein yet losing a pet over so many years doesn't make me tear up. If I had a 40 oz I'd pour some for her in my cube.

To my kitties


The Wifey said...

Rest In Peace, Meow Meow. I cremated Puffy too. That way, you get to keep them with you indefinitely. My mom won't let me bring his ashes here, because she said he doesn't know our house and would get lost. He did live at my parents house for 17 years, so better to keep him at his home.

Muji said...

I think dad will be in the "cat house" for a while, at least Lady is here to comfort Mom. The weird thing is, Lady actually acts like Mow Mow.......