Monday, March 31, 2008

nathan fell on his head ;(

so i had the kids sat and sunday as jess went to a nikon photography school.

for the most part i'm not hurting or that tired but that saturday i was just metnally/physically out of it. From the moment I woke up to the time I went to bed. for some reason it was just one of those days.

Nate was on the top of the slide in our backyard. he has learned to climb the back ladder and would slid down. I was there to support him for 3-4 slides. Jess comes home and I take a seat cause I'm just out of it. Nate goes to slide and jess is still on the backside of the house and I'm watching from a chair. Nate this time doesn't sit down and jess yell "nate, sit down!" and he turns to look and tries to sit down but I think his foot gets caught on something.

He fall over the side of the slide and falls on his head.

You know those times when your kind of in shock? not sure if it was the fatigue or the shock of seeing my son fall on his head onto some grass did I just freeze.

Jess runs around the house and picks him and and he cries for 1 min.

Dude, I don't know what the heck was wrong with me. I just felt so out of it and didn't react too much to it. Thinking about how it looked and how I used to hawk my kids everywhere I go that just seemed so out of character for me to not be there and not care so much about him falling.

Pisses me off that my mental state prevented me from watching him closer. Dude, I would would behind my kids in the sugar land mall play area and there you can't really fall from much. I guess I need to step it up now and just be more hands on again. I got too used to nate being able to walk through doors and climb onto chairs. I as a parent, got too relaxed with him.

I'm messaging his head, neck, shoulder, hands, and forehead to make sure nothing is broken. Nate doesn't flinch so it looks like nothing is broken and he seems normal but we are thinking about taking him to the doctor just in case there is internal damage. I keep playing with him and he seems okay but man it looked bad as he fell directly on his forehead and it made his neck snap back.

Praise the Lord that the grass did buffer some of that fall and we haven't mowed in 1 month but it could have been thicker. Maybe I should stop mowing around the play house and just use a trimmer to make it really thick and tall for cushion.

I don't think I can forgive myself if nate got hurt. Now i feel i have to baby him more since he's such a trooper. Alright! i'll keep the wii for you Nate. He loves running around with my wii remote. Maybe I can teach him to play with the