Sunday, March 23, 2008

Helicopter Egg Drop

Our church, Crossbridge Church, held a helicopter egg drop for the kids on Saturday. It was such an huge turnout! The week before, when we went for our bike rides in the evening, Ally would go to houses in our neighborhood and put door hangers about the egg drop event. She had so much fun spreading the news. Unfortunately, Ally was not able to get any of the 10,000 eggs that were dropped, but it was cool to see the copter anyways.
Afterwards, we all went to Lupe Tortilla. This was the very first time our kids sat at the kid's table, separated from the parents. It made me a little sad to think our kids are now getting old enough to be at the kids table by themselves. It's a big deal!
We headed out to Zoe's 1 year birthday party that evening. There was another egg hunt along with an artist who did caricatures of all the kids. Another fun and busy day.
By the way, my brave friend, Sarah, is having her third in 2 days. So very brave....