Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bayou Wildlife Park

The kids were stoked they were going to a "safari" to see animals. We packed up 2 minivans full of moms and kids and headed out to Alvin where Bayou Wildlife Park is located.

I've always liked a matter of fact, I like them so much that Lawrence bought me a stuffed animal of an ostrich when we were in high school. just hit me how long ago that really was. Anyways, I digress...
Ostriches are one of the more aggressive animals, and we encountered that first hand today. As the driver would pause so the kids could feed the animals, the ostriches had no qualms about sticking their gangly heads right into the bucket you were clenching to. Ally normally is not afraid of much, but even she said "No thanks, Mommy. I'll just throw the food" since you could either throw it or have them come REALLY REALLY close and eat out of the bucket of feed you are holding.

It did bother me that the giraffe was enclosed in a pen, that to me, didn't seem large enough. It was probably the size of one you would see at the zoo, hence, the reason I'd prefer not to frequent zoos. Ally has such a love for animals, I would rather her see animals able to roam.

When we pulled into the garage after our nearly 5 hour adventure, she told me "I had so much fun. Thank you, Mommy for taking me to the safari." I couldn't feel more appreciated than that.


spooon said...

hey, when was the last time you saw a giraffe native to USA? I say, if the animal doesn't live here naturally and it's not here to help them then we shouldn't visit them. why pay to see animals that don't want to be here.

these blogs are a great reminder to how many little things I bought jess. Man, I'm such a good boyfriend. pat, pat, pat on the back