Friday, September 28, 2007

Soup, it's good for you right?

So my parents bring over some soup and it's the chinese type with a whole bunch of stuff in it like ginseng, roots, and beef ribs. Overall it's pretty refreshing and we got ally a bowl and she drinks it with a straw since she's not real good with a chinese spoon.

Now, Jess and I have eaten a lot of weird stuff. Chinese cuisine is notorious for stuff like sharks fin soup and birds nest. If you don't know what bird's nest is you should look it up. They sell this in a large box and it runs over a couple thousand. I'm sure we ate the imitation kinds since it runs $116 to $135 per ounce.

My dad told jess "don't let ally look into the soup pot because she will get freaked out". Jess and I were like what could it be? It's probably some stuff like ginger or ginseng. Then my dad proceeds to say "yeah, your mom cooked it like the Malaysian dish where they use this expensive worm".


The look on jess's face as she slowly got up off the chair and walked back away from the table. "I thought that was ginger!!!" I tried to tell my dad, "hey, don't worry about telling ally, but you really shouldn't tell jess".

I was dying laughing. I then went into the pot, picked up a worm and showed jess. It looks like a root but I guess if it was all limp it would be more like a worm. Jess replies "you can pick up a worm?". I respond "lady, if you can eat or drink it why not pick it up?"


The Wifey said...

I'm still getting goosebumps...
To think I kept moving around what I thought was ginseng root so I could get more broth for Ally and myself...goosebumps.