Monday, April 30, 2007

so i'm a bad father at times

okay, give me some slack. I work for a living and don't watch my kids 24/7. I try to spend time with them but I tend to want to do "what I want to do" when they are awake.

EX: surf, watch my tv shows ....

well, I think i've curbed it a bit but i'm trying. At least mentally I know I have a priority problem.

It really hit me this weekend as I pretty much had both kids alot by myself cause jess was doing errands all weekend. Ally didn't get her nap so she was cranky when she got up and when she's cranky she crys for no reason. well, maybe she just wanted to be held so i did. after like 1 hr she's cool and everything is going great, but she's getting better but i wanted to speed up the process so I used candy.

WHAT! what kind of dad am I? giving a cranky kid candy to bribe them out of being cranky. well it worked but that is a bad model to follow. anyhoo. so i gave her these small ice breaker mints. They are really small. Not much bigger then a tic tac but they are disc shape and are sours. she loved it. she replies "it's spicy!". i had to correct her and say it's sour, and she agreed. so 5min go by and she's sucking away at it, and not even using her fingers too!

well, i thought nothing of it until she walks up to me and points to her throat "i'm choking" aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i'm a horrible father. I rush her to get her some milk and instruct her to keep drinking it and have her tell me if the candy is gone. It took like 2 drinks as the mint was basically dissolved by the time she swallowed it, but still. I tell her u gotta chew it before swallowing but i guess she thought it was small enough.

so no more small hard candy. we give her skittles but we either cut it in half or smash it. m&m is chocolate based so chocking isn't a factor since it melts?

I always tell jess I want to be #1 husband and #1 dad. can't be chocking my kids if I want to be that.

RANT on parenting---
I'm not the say all or even know anything. I'm not a mother who had a baby but I do know some basics of raising a child.

1) SIDS - why the heck do people let their infants sleep on their face!!!! that pisses me off. the infant doesn't know better, so the parent needs to protect them. What is worse i have heard of 2 moms with new borns that KNOW of SIDS yet still do it out of convenience. so sad

2) breast milk - why did god create breast milk and forumula? i think he had breast milk cause it's the best for the infant. some DR believe at least up to 6months. if you got no breast milk, fine. But if you do but rather just stick some powder manufactured at a plant down ur infant, come on dude. At least pump. working mothers sometimes can't pump because of the work environments. Well, all I can say is, don't work for 6months. if you can't do that. pump in the morning, when u get home and when you sleep. and supplament formula if ur short. don't go straight to formula.


k8tt8m said...

You go Mr. Dad!

I've learned one thing, unfortunately we can't be the greatest and perfect parent all the time.

But I do believe it is all about the desire to be one that makes us better parents every day.

Big bag of M&Ms from Costco...Dylan's favorite, it's like a year's worth of bribes for 8 bucks!!! Nothing beats M&Ms.

The Wifey said...

Kudos to you, daddy. Thanks for watching kiddos all weekend while I shopped and visited friends.

Muji said...


I love the SOURS...

But for now just stick to the gummys...