Thursday, January 18, 2007

hungry hungry hippo

so quick update to events of the since the last post.

1) Nate - dude is getting large. Not even 3months old and he's wearing level 3 diapers and 6month cloths. we are trying to save money on this opened bag of level 2 diapers and he's like the incredible hulk in those.

Nate is also an eating machine. So we tried a feeble attempted to have him sleep in his crib upstairs vs sleeping downstairs in the swing. yeah, that didn't work so much cause some nights he might sleep 3 hrs other nights 6. Lately it has been the 3 hr variety. We haven't gotten him on the cry to sleep method yet as he's still a bit young in my opinion so we gotta haul butt upstairs and that's not fun very 3 hours in the middle of the night.

Nate for the first time killed a 5oz milk bottle, then 1hr later killed another 4 oz. that's 9 oz!!!! and to think we can sleep throughout the night. nope. jess said 3 hrs later he wanted another bottle. not sure if it was a 4 or 5 but that is just nuts. he's like 95% in weight so i guess he's just hungry. I think he's 14lbs last week.

2)Ally - she is great as usual. Note to self. DO NOT WAKE her from her nap if it isn't totally necessary. Boy, she is one grouchy kid for at least 1-2 hrs if you do that.

word of the moment for her.

jess and grandma heard ally say something like "flute" or "trumpet" and they both went "Ally, you are so" and ally finishes their sentence "SMART". hahhahah

That is awesome. She's already finishing people sentences!

3)Christmas was very good for me this year. I got a ton of toys and didn't feel too bad as I sold a ton of junk on ebay.

what i got: nintendo wii, 2 wii games, nintendo ds lite, 5 ds games (most used), HD radio for car, 320gb external firewire/usb2 hard drive for backups.

jess got some stuff too as in a pimpy panasonic camcorder pv-gs300. Haven't done a movie yet but I will get jess to do it soon. and a ton of other junk. I blame alot of this on google checkout's holiday $20/$50 and $10/$30 instant coupon.

Oh, and my ebay feedback is now past 230 (most of which is stuff I have sold). Most recent crap I sold.
-roomba vacuum, scooba wet vac, gba games, xbox games, ibm power adapter, TMX elmo, gba gold,
-trying to sell world of warcraft collectors expansion but people on ebay are retards to undercut their profit so quickly.

oh, I haven't gotten a hair cut in like 8 weeks. and i like it! but jess is making me cut it ;(