Tuesday, January 23, 2007

hard core shopping

so what is a hardcore shopper?

My definition: One who will go above and beyond to get a good deal. One who gets high on buying stuff cause it's a good deal or finding hard to get items.

I believe jess is one of those. So we go to target at 8am sunday morning to hunt down some Nintendo Wii. Just the day before jess tells me her merrell's sole was getting loose. I just figured since they were falling apart she would wear one of her other 100 other pair of shoes. Nope, she proceeds to wear the broken shoe and as we are leaving target to go to best buy to get a Wii can Target sold out she start to hobble over to me.

me-"dude, what's up with ur leg and why are you walking like that"
jess-"daddy! my shoe is broken"

her sole on the front was coming off bad. The way the shoe was put together the sole didn't seperate from the front (like pacman) but more from the middle cause the shoe has a 2 soles. 1 for the heal and one for the front. the front was separating from rear to front. Very similar to strength shoes jess was walking like a zombie with a bad limp. I couldn't stop laughing. and how do merrell's fall apart after only a couple uses!

she proceeds to tell me "i'm good, lets go" as she was walking 1mph. I forced her to buy some target clearance flip flops cause that just just hilarious. so we proceed to wait outside Circuit City (cause they opened before Best buy but they suck cause they only had like 5) and her long eagle toes were so red cause it was like 40 deg outside.