Monday, November 27, 2006

wii came and saw, then waited a bunch

my epinion wii review

after waiting at countless stores since black friday, okay so I was slow to wanting to actually get this thing, we finally got it. Sunday we hit target, toysrus, 2 bestbuys all before 10:30. at 2 best buys we missed the wii by 1 person! but good thing i was with jess as she got a floating ticket to get one. and as jessica replied "wow, this feels like the golden ticket". I guess after standing in multiple lines since black friday it was nice to get at least 1 of these things.

and lets just say, ppl get a bit more cut throat during the holidays. ppl will cut you given the chance. not saying i won't but dang.

update* my arm hurts and mugee played ~3-4 hrs and hurt so much she missed class. mugee!!!! go to class. this is like the first time we have the NES and got those nasty blisters. but watching jess use the remote as a pointer and her swinging her remote thinking she's the computer player is hilarious.