Wednesday, November 01, 2006

the end of common sense - halloween

rant time. okay halloween. I do it for the kids. I want ally and nate to experience the fun from the parties, events, and candy. I want them to have fun and be kids without being hindered from thinking that halloween isn't a holiday but just a time for people to dress up and eat candy. there is a fine line from telling your kids that santa clause is fake and halloween is a satanic day of celebration. so where do parents cross that line and don't let the kids participate?

i'm not sure.

i do enjoy letting ally toss candy into kids trick or treat bags even though i have been teaching her to throw and she likes to get real close to a bag and throw a fast ball that has a 50% of being launced at the kid and totally missing the bag. oh well. she likes it.


what is the deal with people coming to my house when both of my porch lights are off? they are on every night but we didn't want kids this year so we turned them both off. did that stop kids, no. which I understand cause when i was a kid, "hey lets go try real quick, can't hurt". Kids don't know any better, BUT parents!!!! what is the deal with indian and asian parents bringing their kids to a completely dark house to go trick or treat? so i told jess to cut all the lights from the house inside so it looks like no one is home. but nooo, she thought maybe just having a little flood light in the kitchen will still be dark enough. nope, stupid asian people coming up to my porch in complete darkness for candy.

what is even more irritating is kids, or shall we say teenages like 11-14 yrs of age, coming up to my door with a haltertop or a tshirt with a grocery bag. say what! that's it. next year i still will not say anything as i don't want my house egged or wrapped, but i will be giving out funky tricks like old candy, crazy chinese candy where you eat the wrapper, or even the new years red candy. or just some cheap as heck candy that is 1 years old. WHY MUST YOU BOTHER ME WHEN UR NOT EVEN DRESSED UP?

by far the worst was the mother of this gal who was 14 yrs old wearing a haltertop as her costume *skank costume* asking for candy. the mom was asking for candy too!!!! say what! mom wearing FOB clothes and holding a hong kong super market grocery bag. WHAT THE HECK DO YOU WANT FROM ME LADY! GET OFF MY PORCH AND TAKE YOUR SKANK DAUGHTER TOO. with the bazillion mosquitos we have this past week from all the rain, why the heck would you wear a sleeveless shirt at night! do you want to get eaten alive?

*note, the past 2 years we haven't taken ally out and with her sleeping so early we didn't want trick or treaters this year also. on a normal basis we will participate in given kids candy when they come but please oh please don't come in ur regular clothes and if your over a certain age, say past middle school, i'm giving you ally's old crayons. richard had a kid come over and say "hey, you got any candy?" and richard had to say "what, no trick or treat?". hahhaha

common sense, something jess also lacks but lucky for her she is married to me to level her. there was a time jess had so much faith in the human race but i hope now she understands stuff like this will open her eyes that adults just don' thave common sense.

jess would walk in the street and tell me "the cars will stop cause i have right of way". lady, do you want to be run over? jsut because of have right of way doesn't mean the old lady on the cell phone doing her makeup will stop in time to NOT hit you. this is what happens when you have a sheltered childhood. you have to teach your kids that the street is very dangerious and just jumping onto the street doesn't mean ppl will stop. this isn't switzerland.

*another rant of hospitals and stupid parents*
why in the heck would you smoke right outside a hospital entrance with your 2 kids? one kid was like 3 other was like 4-5. why would you smoke right in front of them? sure the girl was younger like 35, but are you serious? from that one thought all i could think was "i guess that mom would no way pay for life insurance or cord blood for their kids if she is trying to kill them with 2nd hand smoke"

oh, if u don't know. I will square you off if you don't wash/sanitize your hands before handling nate. I don't play.

*rant off*