Monday, October 09, 2006

i'm a fisherwoman

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so thanks to all those who helped make this fantastic baby shower for nathan. I was under the impression that the 2nd baby shower would be smaller, but this was insane. richard has a gigamungous backyard and it was pretty filled with activities and ppl. I guess the majority of the drunk guys hung around the football tire throw.

there was
-water pistols
-moon walk (everyone was like, can i rent that? where you buy that. haha if they only knew some of the stuff you can find at target)
-clothes pin drop
-ball toss into glasses
-tattoo station
-football tire throw
-the the prize station that included a unique spider gummy where you squeeze the butt and candy runs out. the roach in the gum stick really got jess's dad 'aaaaaaa yoooooooo'

many props to the carnival food, who would have thought you can have cotton candy and funnel cake indoors! I think i burned my tongue on one fry cause they were so fresh.

ooh, if u don't know, mugee don't give babies pop rocks.