Monday, September 18, 2006

rants and raves

Please let me know who likes Greg Davis - Texas Longhorns Offensive Coordinator. Hats off to him for building up an offense around Vince Young to get the most out of him. But now that he's gone, why are we still running this crappy offense? We have a top 3 offensive line, 3 pimped runningbacks, and 2 freshman qbs. So I would think it's painfully clear that
  1. The zone read/option offense depends on a qb with running skills. Why would you want to run with our 2 qbs when you got 3 awesome runningbacks? Sure, it might be good for 5 yards, but Charles can rip that for +10 with our line.
  2. Why are we running a shotgun offense but still keep running counter traps? Is that just to say "haha, we can"? How come our offense doesn't have any power sweeps? I think I saw for the first time a quick pitch. Come on, we got 2 fast rbs, we should do more sweeps and pitchs. The counter really only works if the defense is biting on the sweep.
  3. after our running game has killed it in the first half, why don't we just throw every down to practice our short passing game and qb reads. It looked bad when rice actually got pressure on us. That is a giant indication that we need practice with our pass protection and passing.
  4. what is with all the penalties on UT and the game looked empty. that's what you get for charging 40 bucks for the cheap seats.
Bonus - at lease we are not running that crappy wr screen play we did the last couple years. And we actually have a shovel pass, yipee.

Battlestar Galactica - I finally finished season 2.5. After watching that, I must say that is probably one of the best season finale episodes I have seen in a long time. The writing had to be done in advance for a couple seasons to have planned a couple of the plot twists. It doesn't seem like the twists were just written in during the season. But both seasons planned because, I was very impressed with the end of that. Oct 6 starts the season up again and I can't wait.

It's amazing what our kids learn. Learning new words when we never taught them. Jess is very impressed that Ally will say "si si" or "Thank you" when we give her something. It's not 100% of the time but it's a start.

It's hard to admit your wrong to ppl, harder for your spouse, but to your kids? Yes, ally is not 2yrs old yet but i've already caught myself apologizing to her already. We went to Cici's pizza for a quick bite to eat and she was crying and saying "poo poo" and grabbing her butt. We smelled her butt and I didn't smell anything. Turns out she didn't want to eat cause she really did have poo but it was all water cause i think she's a little sick from eating something a day ago. That must feel awful with that diaper. I flicked water in her face 6months ago because she wouldn't stop doing something. that was the first and last time i did that. Now i just need to listen to her more and not always think i know more then her.

so the crying method to sleep is a fine line. If they are crying cause they have poo is one thing, but crying cause they don't want to sleep is another. I just hope ally will understand she can say "poo poo" and we will get her.

I've been playing alot of final fantasy tactics advance on the GBA. Great tactical rpg game. I'm up to 40 hrs after playing it for 18months on and off. Still no "must have" game for xbox 360. Wii is coming out and it's a wait and see.