Monday, August 21, 2006

snakes on a m* f* plane and more!

first off, gotta say, ally is freaking funny.
1) she learned to pick her nose and say "booger" when she hits pay dirt. jess and I were like, we dont see a booger, and she's pointing but to only realize she had the bugger in her finger!
2) she can now signify poo in her diaper. so this morning ally tell mom "poo poo". and sure enough, she lets momma have a wiff of dodo in the morning.
3) jess changed ally's diaper later on, and ally takes the dirty diaper and runs away with it. dang, i guess she's going to hide it great!!!! but instead she goes to the diaper decor and throws it away. oooon dang!

snake on the plane.

yes we watched and yes it's cheese. but sometimes cheese is what you want late at night. The movie was entertaining. It's one of those movies where you want ppl to die over the top to make it more funny. there will be a situation and your like "if they did that, they would keep it real". Oh dang, they kept it real!!!

I just wished there were more catch phrases in the movie. juliana margulies is really showing her age.

i would give it a 2.5/4 but it was a fun movie and recommended rental.