Friday, June 09, 2006

Swap dvd, cd and games for free!

So, okay I have a problem. My wife knows it and and you will now too. I don't exactly if there is a term for it, but I have a thing for DVDs. Maybe I'm a collection freak and I'm trying to relive it by trading dvds?

the site

I finally found one where there is ZERO trading fees. After years on ebay and selling countless things, I have found a media to try and move items that don't sell well on ebay because
1) no one is looking for it
2) selling too low (market is flooded)
3) fees

this place i found a couple days ago called switchdiscs lets you build up a library and swap stuff (cd,dvd,games) for switchbucs (1 switchbuc = $1). This in turn makes it so you can swap with anyone how has what you want and they pay for shipping!

you can typically ship a full dvd with cover in a bubble mailer for under $1.50 and those bubble mailers are on sale alot for $1 each. You can switch stuff that you have no cover for, just the media if you lost the cover or lost the instructions! by trading in stuff you get credit to buy or trade for other peoples stuff!.

I have only been a member for a week but I will be testing this service heavily to see if this will actually work. They make their money on site advertisemtns so i'm interested to see if they can hold up this model.

They have a ton of promotions like, send them in something and they give you credit for that item and give you additional switchbucks as a thank you for building the library. So the library is composed of people and i guess switchdiscs has their own library to help build the overall selection.

1) if an item is ex: 20 switchbucks (full disc and bubble mailed) the shipper mails it. which means as the buyer i pay only in my credit of switchbucs.
2) if someone requests and item from me i send it off and I eat the shipping. so make plans to off set the shipping with switchbucs. they give you a default value but you can adjust as needed.

this is my first pass and lets see how this goes as I have already sent of my xbox nba 2k6 xbox for 17 swithbucs. I figured nfl2k5 will carry our leagu till madeen comes out and the nba league is dead already regardless on how good I am ;) or ;(