Tuesday, June 20, 2006

June updates

some updates

yipee i'm 28. we went to pappasitoes for my dinner celebration and I got a song, giant sombrero (just for pictures) and a free ice cream on a warm brownie. The fish tacos could be better. How does a double wrapped corn tortilla rip?

I've been getting rid of all my games. Got rid of nba2k6, jade empire, world of warcraft, halo 2 (sniff sniff), yoshi's island, and nba 2k5 (hahha). I traded them in for switchbucs and in return i have a line of credit and I also pickedup up a brand new copy of counter strike for trading in my nba 2k5. hahahhahah. i hope to get more credit and get battlefield 2, fire emblem.... but right now I don't have much time to play but i've been split between nfl 2k5 and counterstirke. ummm. counterstrike sniping sucks, but brings back sooo many memories. You can play offline and with 11 bots. not bad

yes! she has finally started to edit the Greece footage with imovie. I'm soo glad she's finally started to use the equipment she's purchased and instead of saying "lawrence, you go do it". next step is for her to manage pictures and do ebay stuff. she's stopped throwing up for the most part, except when she brushes her teeth, man that sucks.

Baby girl:
girl is growing way too fast. I hate to look back, but dang, come one girl, can't your dad enjoy how you were as an infant? she said her first sentance "where is dada?" and she can now respond to certain questions like:
-what does a horse say? - ally will respond "neighhh"
same goest for cow, cat, sheep.
I think her favorite animal right now is the elephant. she can say "elphant". close enough.
she did her first cleaning up job. an ice cube fell out of or fridge and jess and I were both in the living room watching tv. she gets up walks to the kitchen and dumps the ice cube in the sink! Un-freaking-believeable. I checked out the sink and that loud banging sound was her chucking the ice cube into the sink. deeeyaaang.
she's into putting lotion into both of her hands and rubbing her body with it. it pretty much takes 1 time for you to show her before she picks up on it. this can be good and bad. I decided to poor some of her crackers from her bag onto her food mat and she reaches over and poors it all out. oops.

what is cute is she starts to mimic my voice grunts. i'll like be moving sand around in her sand table going "urra, urra" and she will do it now by herself. oops. and when she drinks cola she'll go "aaaaaaaa"

she has started to feed herself with her own spoon, yes it's still very messy but at least it keeps her busy and can eat with us for about 1hr. i think we ate at the new kimson for like 2hrs but she had to start playing with water once she's full.

Movie recap

-Battlestar Galactica season 2.0 - i think it's pretty good. can't wait to watch 2.5. I really like the look of the other lady in charge but man her mole is irritating.
-Rescue me season 1 - towards the middle jess got mad cause it just got too crazy and the main character just goes overboard. too much cheating at times kind of turns me off.
-Nacho Libre - pretty funny but of course the commercials gave a little bit too much away
-March of the Pengiuns - Nice, but I can't believe the left off the fact that the entire group huddles together and they shuffle the penguins from the outside to the inside to rotate them from the blasting cold winds.
-Basic Instinct - wow it's been a long time and that chick (brown hair) is naaaasty. and after watching it, I now know that when I first saw it I didn't get the correct killer. Now i know.
-Started sliders Season 1 - wow that is some bad acting and the girl is so dumb, not to mention the crying man. I hope it gets better, sheesh
-Dark City - Not as good as I remembered and the end is , eeehhh

to watch
-rescue me (we might have to skip season 2 for a bit cause blockbuster sucks. I will go to netflix next time around when I cancel blockbuster when Carter is born.)
-Along came polly - rewatch cause we caught it on tv, "no way josse"

Blockbuster is retarded. They sent me of a 6 disc set, disc 2,6. Why would you want me to watch this series out of freaking order! so they gave me another coupon and said sometimes it wasn't avaialable. fine. then they send me another dvd that was 32 on my que!!!!! what the heeeeck. i guess they are trying to send dvds in order and if they can't get me disc 1 of a series they will skip the whole series. fine if that is the case. but come on. 32!

oh, ally slapped obi in the butt to get him into his room cause we were leaving ;) hahahahah