Wednesday, April 05, 2006

blockbuster movie rundown till april

so i've been on blockbuster online for 2months?
-couple bucks cheaper than netflix
-i get 1 new release rental per week (so new releases are almost always when i want them)
-turn around time is fairly quick
-selection is pretty good as i haven't wished they carried something i wanted to see

-descriptions for titles are not so good (cast? more details please)
-with the 1 rental even though it's on my way home, i have to go "inside" the store. uurrrrr, people (not so much the workers there) are either scary or just too many of them. I hate waiting in line. not a problem if i rent stuff off peak
-it's blockbuster, they have some shady stuff when they want to charge u for crap
-no community, it's very hard to find movies cause there is no friends community there. blockbuster would recommend u stuff from your ratings but that's it.
-ratings sucks as it's not so easy to find out what you have rented before, u gotta dig into like 3 different links to rate movies u saw
-about ~2 days slower on new release availability compared to netflix

future improvements I would love to see
-Trailers! why can i get trailers to movies that have one? it would be so much easier for me to tell if i'm even interested in the movie
-a better recommendation system
-blue ray/hd dvd selection
-clean the dvds before shipping to next customer. i got grubby disc all the time, please wipe the disc before sending to next que.

quick movie roundup
-almost done with firefly, highly recomended and yolanda/saphron is hot! in a country sort of way. "you did kiss her! i knew it". and the doctors are Dr. Tam! muhahha.
-history of violence was slower than expected. over hyped in my opinion on the podcasts
-jessica is loving grey's anatomy. she saw about 30 episodes in 3 weeks? i watch it on and off and the writing is pretty good except the skanky characters who i can't stand. the "nazi" doctor is probably my favorite character
-worst movie this year - clive owens in "i'll sleep when i'm dead". that takes this years worst movie putting it up with:

worst movies i've seen and you would tear ur eyes out:
-flesh and bone
-i'll sleep when i'm dead
-running on karma

i have a bad habit of watching movies even when bad cause i hope it will recover and i'm already to far into it and might as well knock it out.