Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Movie Reviews

didn't expect much but a lot of "ah i gotcha!" stuff but i was pleasantly suprised with the movie. I wish they had cleaned up some of the script and made the main character a little more consistant but for a what it was, I liked it.

Score: B

City of God
I missed the first 10-20min of the movie as I was watching this 1am in the morning on the encore channel cause i forgot I actually have a dvd of this movie. I will rewatch the entire movie again to get a better feel for it, but for now...
the best movie I have seen in a loooong time. I went in thinking it would suck cause i usually hate highly nominated art films. But man, this movie moved me cause I liked the story alot. It's in subtitles

Score: A+

Flight Plan
Um, this movie was the only free movie I wanted to watch considering I didn't get to watch serenity or history of violence. Jodie Foster has a weird smile now. too much plastic surgery? the girl in there had some like bug eyes, for real it creeped me out.

Score: C-