Monday, October 31, 2005

One love, one blood, one light....

U2 concert was freaking awsome. they played a ton of freaking songs. thanks to jess for going to a concert and not knowing the new stuff.

$100 a ticket lady, can u please listen to the cd before going!

first and last time we go to an expensive large concert. The experience was good, but man that is freaking expensive. I wanted to go cause this is a once in a lifetime experience as we will not attend another large band ever. mainly cause we don't like mainstream stuff so much

don't regert spending the money at all, but our friend did sell his tickets for $700 a pair. if we had more time i might have tried to ebay them, but a once in a lifetime concert is a good one for us.

comparing dido front row, and garbage close to front row, or seated center for killers it's hard to go to another U2 concert.

new bands i'm getting into

death cab for cutie / postal service
the bravery

to listen to list
franz ferdinand
fall out boys?