Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Hodge Podge

Some of the happenings on with the Wu-Tang gang as of late:

The Elite 8 Game
We were all so stoked to support the Horns at the Reliant Stadium, I even missed pretty much the second day of Nikon Photography School. Even with the sea of burnt-orange, we couldn't pull out a win. Do the guys look like UT is winning the game?

Jacob's birthday party at Silly Town

This is a really cool place. Lots of things for the kids to be entertained with while the moms chit-chatted away. I think it is just the coolest that Nathan loves Ally so much that he is like her shadow. Whether at home or out and about, he is right there, 2 steps behind Ally. I'm not sure Ally thinks its cool all the time, but she does keep her eye on him for me.

Backyard fun

Since I am attempting to make dinner more than once a week now, I find it extremely handy that I can have the kids play in the backyard for 45 minutes while I peek out of the window every few minutes. Sneaky, she asked me "Mommy, can we go play in the backyard so you can cook dinner?" Well, if you put it that way, why not. This is also the girl that reminded me we didn't have music class today. I totally forgot and told her we were going to class and she told me "No, Mrs. Phyllis said there is no class this week." Doh!

Little Natey

Oh, the spell this squirt has over me. He started saying "cheese" when prompted. I can't believe he's 17 months, as Marcus corrected me yesterday cause I told him Nathan is 16 months. We talk about how he mimics pretty much everything we say, with the exception of Obi. For some reason, he calls Obi, Bah Um. It will be a sad day when out of the blue, Nate starts calling him Obi.

Modes of Transporation

We're glad Nate enjoys chillin' as a passenger, and doesn't fight to take over the steering wheel.

Two Peas in a Pod


Lawrence said...

wow, I can't wait for a 3rd child.

k8tt8m said...

Photography is a great hobby! And doesn't get better than to capture happy beautiful images of your own children!

Now if I can get myself to a sewing class, that'd be lovely. I have to be ready the day Dylan needs a costume for his school play!