Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend of Fun

Friday, we took Ally and Nate to watch a production of Peter and the Wolf. It was at the Rotunda Theater and I just thought it was the coolest theater for kids. It probably seats just about 100-150 people, so every seat was a good seat. The actors were so close that they could have tripped over my feet if they weren't careful. Ally and Eloise had a great time and really enjoyed the play. Nathan was good for the first 40 minutes and then got restless so Lawrence took him to the back.
Saturday, we took them to Smile School at Ally's pediatric dentist. They had 3 stations for the kids to go through - flossing, brushing, and snacking. I thought the flossing station was so cute because they had molds of 2 enormous teeth and a long thick rope. They let the kids squirt silly string on it to act as the "bad bugs" and then 2 kids get to see saw the rope and floss it out. Then at the snack station, the kids got to experiment which are good snacks and which are bad. At the brushing station, they all got a 2 minute timer where they had to brush and then get this goo smeared on their teeth and go under a black light to see if their teeth are clean. I was just so impressed by the staff at Dr. Caldwell's, because this is just over and beyond cleaning your child's teeth twice a year.
I wish I had pictures to show, but I just don't remember to. Definitely something I need to work on.