Friday, March 14, 2008

Snap, Ignite back to where I first started

well, turns out my little adventure to a dedicated blog for my Ignite business was short lived. Turns out I can't setup a dedicated blog/website besides the standard one. That kinda sucks due to the fact Georgia, NY, IL people have been e-mailing and calling me. I have told them I can't really talk to them, yet. But when Ignite is officially in those states I'll be talking with them ASAP.

Without that blog I don't think I would have gotten those hits or even the couple of random phone calls from Houston. So now I'm back to post infrequent updates here on our family blog about what's going on with me and my business.

Well, we have been in the business 6 months now and it's above and beyond what I thought it would return. I would say 90% of that was due to Jess finally getting on board and helping me. Here is to the successful month of February (30+ new associates in that month alone) and hope we have many more of those to come. I would like to shoot for 500 electricity customers by the end of the year if that is possible. At this rate we should surpass that so here is to everyone paying their electricity bills, cheers;)


tommie said...

just want to say thank you again for doing my second bill in the mail and was just amazed! in the 7 years we have lived in the house, our electricity bills have NEVER been this low! Love it!!!

Lawrence said...

hate to say it but, people who didn't lock down their rates are going to be in a hurting pretty soon. When the energy market is going up, so does the rates. Glad I got you locked in to miss some of it.