Friday, December 28, 2007

Ally's 3 Year Check Up

I tried to prep Ally 2 days before her appointment that she was going for her 3 yr check up with Dr. Dickerson, and I immediately knew what was going through that brain of hers the minute I mentioned it. "No flu shot, Mommy. I already got my flu shot." To her, all shots are flu shots. I didn't want to say no shot, because she might need her second dose of Hepatitis, but I didn't want to say yes and send her into a panic for 2 days. I called them and gave her the good shots!
It was such a pleasant visit. Ally played doctor and listened to Dr. Dickerson's heart simultaneously. She was asked to draw a circle, which she did, but not as well as I've seen her draw before. Dr. Dickerson chuckled and asked me if she was left-handed. Oh...that's why...cause she usually draws with her right. In that case, wasn't a bad left-handed circle. Maybe she'll be ambidexterous. That would be sweet!
She really loves Dr. Dickerson and that makes all the difference. No wonder I recommend her to everyone I know.


Erin said...

We, too, love Dr. Dickerson!! She's the best!

Muji said...


Lol.. although I don't but I love the hilarious kid pics!