Monday, March 26, 2007

quick thoughts on disney world food plan

meal plan is pimpy. ~ $35 per adult for 1 main meal + 1 snack + counter service per day.

-our main meal was at Le Cellier and bill for 2 ppl = 120 bucks before tax & tip. tax and tip also included ($30)
-counter service includes ribs at animal kingdom for 2 ppl (Flame Tree Barbecue)= $30
Snack for 2 ppl = $8 bucks (lemonade freeze drink and a cream cheese filled pretzel)

dinner includes (drink which could be a shake, main entree, appetizer, and dessert)
counter service (main course, drink, and dessert)
snack (anything under $4)

so for one day we prepaid $70 bucks we ate ~$190. Yes, you will not lose weight at disney even with all the walking because of all the food. but man of man is it good.

I don't have to worry about getting hungry and fighting over if i should just eat a power bar or just get water. I do believe the kids are at a different price so if the whole family can sit down, this is for sure a good buy.