Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Break from the Disney Talk…

Would like to praise Jesus for:

1) Nate sleeps from 9pm to 6am, feeds for 30min then sleeps another 2-3 hrs. He was able to sleep one night 12 hours!
2) Nate being able to sleep by himself without much crying. I had to hold and rock Ally for 30min-1hr every night till she was like 10months old.
3) Ally being awesome in her room. She has no toys in her room yet she can wake up at 8pm but she will just roll around and sing to herself to 9pm when Jessica finally wakes up. She has tried to break out of her room only 1 time and that was when we first put the child lock on her door.
4) Food from parents – We get food delivered to our house ~3 times a week. Jess only has to cook once every 2 weeks cause there are so much left overs.
5) My job – I’ve gotten 3 raises in one year and I stay home so much more. Plus I don’t drive cause I Van pool so rush hour = longer nap.