Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I want me some CRAB on MONDAY

so the target was 12. I ate 22. aaaaaaa
everyone pretty much at ~ 16. Jess even ate 16.

all you can eat soup, salad, ALL the sides, and ALL the medium florida stone crabs you can eat. Only down side is that the crabs are chilled. The mustard sauce was good and it was cracked. All in all, I was happy going and won't be eating for the next couple days. Man oh man, do i need to blow some seafood mud.

So the Goal is $50 worth of food. you need to eat twelve (12) medium crab claws. You can do it!

Trulucks said it's only available on monday so please please setup a reservation. I'll bring my gameboy to pass the time. bling bling i'm a kid!

Then they're off to the airport and to our restaurants. From our traps to your table in less than twenty-four hours.

Florida stone crabs are available for harvest from October 15 until May 15. No harvesting may be done outside these dates. If both claws are legal size they may both be taken then the crab must be returned to the ocean to allow the crab to regenerate another claw.