Monday, July 31, 2006

End of an era

so that time has come and Jess's 7 yr reign of terror on Duke Energy has come to an end. After the many years of bringing home the bacon and complaing that someone ate your cheese stick, it's so very sad to leave the coworkers you saw so often during your 2hr lunch breaks.

I must say, so someone who has worked at one job for so long, it's amazing how little she has complained about work. Well, if you took out her move to risk accounting, it was like she wasn't working at all. For someone's personality who hates to learn new stuff and loves repetitive work, Duke was the perfect place for jess if you consider the perks at Duke.

-tons of free lunch
-they used to have 1 free vacation day a month
-every quarter or 2 times a year (can't remember) but they had group outings during work like going deep sea fishing, going to dog track (jess hated that one), going to watch MIBII, Julians to play games and bowling. Sort of like taking a field trip during school.
-9/80 schedule
-NOT in downtown
-2-3 hr lunches (eating and shopping)
-water dispensers with cups that have lids and straws
-free juice
-really awsome baby showers (well that was employee run)
-after ally was born she went home after 11am on the friday's she did work (well, that was cause her boss was cool)
-dual monitor setup ( 1 for work, 1 for messenger)
-enough free time to plan vacations @ work
-meeting tons of people she would actually hang out with after work
-if you can get paid and all you do one day is put labels on folders, that is pretty slick
-only have 1 hard week out of the month to bust out work
-fat layoff package

i must say it will be sad for me (well, of couse the cheese) as I look back at the 18months I was unemployed and I drove here to and from work every day when we lived at Old Farm.

Now jess will be more tired and more drained by staying at home and all i can say is "women, where is my dinner!". haha, J/K.