Monday, June 05, 2006

mixed pairs for tennis anyone?

so if you haven't heard. the next bundle of joy is a boy. i'm excited cause now i get both but not so much as how everyone thinks "now lawrence has a boy he can play with". Dude, i play with ally just fine. I wrestle with her, bite her neck, and even put her head in between my legs like i'm going to power bomb here.

I was just relieved that all test currently look good. when we first saw the ultrsound, jess though the baby's leg was it's penis. hahahha.

i think names so far
1)Nathan (this might win because the name means "god's gift")
4)Madden (might be off just because in all the baby statistics non of them have madden)
I think i'm missing one but Nathan will win anyways

so the real problem is, if this 2nd child was a girl. that would be enough kids for me. 2 girls are fine. but 3 girls i would rip my hair out. so depending on how this 2nd child is we will probably have a 3rd be it 2 girls and a boy or 2 boys and a girl. the deciding factor is to NOT have 3 girls.

I just hope i don't have as many nightmares with the 2nd child as the most recent one with ally was 1am in the morning and i got up and was reaching behind my cabinet cause i though ally ran behind there and got stuck. freaks me out cause i'm out of bed and i snap out of it and i say to myself "dude, she hasn't slept in our room at night since she was like 3months old". jess proceeds to tell me "wash your hands, it's dusty back there" and of course i say "sure", but instead fall asleep.