Saturday, December 31, 2005

Highlights of the past days

-Hawaii was awsome and kathie's a great planner
-no WoW withdraw, but looks like i will be playing less as the level gap widens. just not as interested in playing solo and getting less interesting when i'm dead weight. jess should be happy with this but i think 3-9 hrs a week is reasonable, grind a couple hours and then instance with the group
-i don't think i'm that dark from hawaii
-everyone thinks i've gained weight. thanks, thanks alot
-this new year i will not eat jess food so much and just order less
-i got a new job a baker huhges atlas. fell in my lap and gotta thank god for that one. huge bump in pay and will finally see if oil and gas is in my future only problem is that it's 1 hr away ;(
-dylan seems so much calmer and allyson seems so much hyper
-dylan and allyson are both 1yr !!!!

enjoy the new picks