Monday, October 17, 2005

Honda Odyssey first take

Basic needs for car purchase
- We bought this car to use it as a tool to move people, cool the passenger in the rear, move the occasional large item, and cheap to maintain.

Did this address our needs?
-it can seat 8 people with still having enough room for the large full size stroller.
-it has like 4 full size vents in the back. we have to turn the a/c vent away from ally's head in fear it will give her the chills
-we have already went to costco, with 4 adults, 1 baby, and 1 stroller and still had room to come back with a giant vacuum cleaner box and some goodies.
-it takes regular gas and i hope the honda reputation for quality stands in this 2nd year model.

We are at ~350mile and still have not passed the break in period.

1) Where the heck is my coin holder? You mean to tell me in a 30k+ car, I have 10+ cup holders but no coin holder?
2) The dvd quality is lacking (9"). Okay so I'm spoiled with my hdtv but come on man! please get a better quality video. it's not bad but not good in terms of lcd quality these days. I don't know how it compares to aftermarket, but not impressed. I can' stop the dvd from spinning when not being used. I have to remove the dvd so it doesn't wear out my drive.
3)Even with the variable piston technology. we haven't charted the gas but a full tank should be around ~$60 and i think 400-500 miles. but for the size I guess anything over 20mpg is good. just not used to a tank that sucks u dry.
4)where is my aux for my ipod?
5)kind of hard to park cause i can't see the front fender and the car is soo big.
6)in fear or hitting our side mirrors. we have to fold the driver side mirror in manually just in case to fit it in our garage. it's huge in our garage.
7)i get this fish bowl vision in the van only on the driver side. i can't really explain it but when i'm driving i feel like i'm looking through some bent glass. it's worse during the day than night. i'm getting used to it but jess doesn't notice it.

1) that nav is pimpy. zagat ratings, real time tracking, voice commander, bright screen, rear backup camera, radio and xm selectable because it's touch screen!
"play cd disc 6"
2) interior arrangement. u can move the seats around and it's real nice to be able to move around in the car while in the parking lot. i can watch zoolander with ally while jess runs into target for a quick return.
3) cold a/c. interior cools quickly and haven't sweat in the car yet.
4) aux inputs for game consoles. I got my gamecube and animal crossing up and running in that bad boy. austin, here we come!
5) smooth and quite ride. it rides like a car, haven't pushed the engine yet
6) did i say anything about the cup holders and all the hidden compartments?
7) the built in sun shades on the middle row is very nice